Lately I haven’t been sleeping well at all.  I’m not sure why, but I figured I would update since I haven’t in a month or so.  blah blah blahhh.  Boys, boys, boys. 🙂

Hayden is probably in my top best dressed in Hollywood these days.  I would love to see him in Balmain’s 2011 Fall collection.

Who watched the Oscars this weekend?  I did, I never miss it!  I hope to one day be there, what a cool experience.  I can’t even imagine.  I have to say, my big motivation to watch the Oscars this year was to watch James Franco & Anne Hathaway host.  Who am I kidding… James was the main reason.  Anyways, from what I hear people didn’t really like the Oscars this year.  They’re just ruining it for the winners and the hosts, and probably just jealous they didn’t participate.  The show was great from the fashion, to the personalities of the hosts, and to the awkward acceptance speeches.  Yep, acceptance speeches are awkward to me when they keep talking when the music starts.  Heres how my speech would go, “wow, what an honor.  I’d like to thank my family and friends and to everyone involved in the project! THANKS!” –short and sweet right?

Well on that note, I should probably get some sleep.  This post was random and weird due to lack of ability to fall asleep the past week.

xoxo, Sar


About SarahMBrew

I'm from a small town in Nebraska, and I moved to Chicago to attend Columbia College Chicago to pursue a career in fashion. For fun I love to dance, go to movies, hang out with friends and family, play guitar, and of course shop! My favorite things in my closet right now are my black knee boots from Forever 21 and my Jessica Simpson black jeggings. I'm obsessed with oversized sweaters and skinny jeans. Randoms: I love watching basketball and recently hockey. Starbucks is my favorite place to be before class. I quote movies like its my job, especially Mean Girls. I can't get through the day without music.
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