i’m in need of inspiration.  we all look to different things searching for something to inspire us.  lately i’ve been having trouble with this.  my mind isn’t in the moment like it used to be.  its either caught in the past, or trying to catch up to the future.

getting caught in the past is obviously bad in most cases, because thats what you compare everything to.  for example you ask yourself, ‘why aren’t my relationships with certain people like they used to be?’ or ‘well this person said this back then, and why not now?’  the simple answer is ‘change.’  as much as we hate to admit it, we change just as much as the world around us changes.  we do things we promised we wouldn’t, and we stop doing things we promised we’d always do.. its life.

xoxo, sar


About SarahMBrew

I'm from a small town in Nebraska, and I moved to Chicago to attend Columbia College Chicago to pursue a career in fashion. For fun I love to dance, go to movies, hang out with friends and family, play guitar, and of course shop! My favorite things in my closet right now are my black knee boots from Forever 21 and my Jessica Simpson black jeggings. I'm obsessed with oversized sweaters and skinny jeans. Randoms: I love watching basketball and recently hockey. Starbucks is my favorite place to be before class. I quote movies like its my job, especially Mean Girls. I can't get through the day without music.
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